Your Child's Safety

Your Child's Safety

At Facebook, we are committed to supporting parents, caregivers and educators with policies, resources and tools to support the safety and well-being of youth online.

When it comes to young people, our family of apps are designed with the following values in mind:

  • Responsible empowerment: We strongly believe in responsibly empowering young people to enjoy the many benefits our platforms provide.
  • Age-appropriate safeguards: We know that younger users require additional safeguards for their safety, privacy and well-being.
  • Innovation: We are constantly exploring innovative technologies to provide great experiences for young people, help keep youth safe online, and solve the defining challenges of our industry.

This Child Safety Hub offers you tools and resources to assist in your efforts to help keep young people safe online.

Our Approach to Online Child Protection

Across our family of apps, we take a comprehensive approach to child safety. This includes zero-tolerance policies prohibiting abuse like child exploitation; cutting-edge technology to prevent, detect, remove and report policy violations; and resources and support. Learn more about our approach to online child protection.


Our efforts to support children’s online safety include developing industry best practices, building and sharing technology to fight online child exploitation, supporting victim services and building educational programs and resources.

To inform all of these efforts, we work with a variety of nonprofits, academics and experts globally.

  • Our Safety Advisory Board is composed of leading online safety nonprofits, and we work with over 400 safety experts and NGOs from around the world, including specialists who combat child-sexual exploitation and support young people who use our services.
  • Facebook teams meet regularly with our Youth Advisors, who provide feedback on the development of new products and policies for young people. The group includes organizations like Family Online Safety Institute, the Center on Media and Child Health, MediaSmarts, Project Rockit and the Cyberbullying Research Center. As we grow our efforts to better serve young people, we will also grow this group of advisors to ensure we are getting as much input and feedback as possible.

We want young people on our platform to enjoy an experience that they are in control of and that does not compromise their privacy, safety and well-being. We’re always listening to young people, parents, lawmakers and experts to help build apps and features that work for young people and are trusted by parents.