Not Without My Consent

Responding to intimate images shared without permission

When someone shares your intimate images without your consent or is threatening to do so, it can be upsetting and overwhelming. It also goes against our policies. It may be hard to know what to do next. Learning more about what steps you can take can be helpful. Here you will find access to organizations and resources to support you, as well as steps you can take to remove the images from our platform and prevent them from being shared or reshared.

I want to report now

  • On Facebook, Instagram or Messenger, you can report when someone shares your intimate images without your consent or is threatening to do so. Learn how to report things on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.
  • If you are concerned someone may share your intimate images on Facebook or Instagram and you have access to the images, you can visit to get help.
  • To learn how to report these images being shared elsewhere on the web, check out this online removal guide created by Cyber Civil Rights Initiative.

Expert Recommendations

If someone has shared your intimate images without your consent or is threatening to do so, here are some first steps recommended by experts that you can take:

  • Contact local law enforcement if you're concerned about your physical safety or the physical safety of your loved ones.
  • Surround yourself with friends, family or other individuals who will help support you as you navigate the process.
  • Take screenshots and print out pages of photos and threats before taking any steps to delete the images. It may be illegal where you live to post or threaten to post things like this, and you might need a screenshot or other record of the post to serve as evidence if you pursue legal action.
    • To learn how to take screenshots or print images on Facebook, please visit our Help Center.
  • Consider seeking additional support or guidance. Responding to and recovering from this kind of abuse is a process, and that process looks different for everyone. There’s no timeline for healing. Here are some resources to help you navigate the process.

Stop Sextortion

Sextortion is the threat to reveal intimate images to get you to do something you don't want to do. Developed by Thorn and adapted by Facebook, the Stop Sextortion Hub is a resource for teens, caregivers and educators seeking support and information related to sextortion.

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