Women's Safety Hub

Women Leaders and Public Figures

Whether you are standing for an election, running a country or city, leading a political party or are a celebrity, such as a creator, author, athlete or musician, Facebook is committed to helping you safely connect and build your communities. We do not tolerate harassment of both public and private individuals on Facebook. We want people to feel safe to engage and connect with their community, so we work to prevent unwanted or malicious contact on the platform.

Context and intent matter. We allow people to share and reshare posts if it is clear that something was shared to condemn or draw attention to harassment. Using technology to proactively detect bullying and harassment can be more challenging than other violation types because bullying and harassment are highly personal by nature. We continue to invest in our proactive-detection technology so we can tackle the problem and protect our community.

We’ve created resources to support you and your team with guidance on how to create groups, assign Page roles, use moderation and filter tools and report abusive comments.