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Release Information

FreeBSD Releases

FreeBSD releases are classified into Production Releases and Legacy Releases. Production releases are best suited to users looking for the latest new features. Legacy releases are for users wishing to stay with a more conservative upgrade strategy.

Documentation files for each release are available for viewing in HTML format on the Release Documentation page.

Currently Supported Releases

Complete information about the release date and the estimated End-Of-Life (EOL) for currently supported releases can be found on the Supported Releases section of the FreeBSD Security Information page.

Future Releases

For the schedule of upcoming releases, or for more information about the release engineering process, please visit the Release Engineering page.

The latest snapshots from our FreeBSD-STABLE and FreeBSD-CURRENT branches are also available. Please see Getting FreeBSD for details.

Prior Releases Which Have Reached End-Of-Life

Complete historical information about the release date, the classification type, and the effective End-Of-Life (EOL) for these releases can be found on the Unsupported Releases section of the FreeBSD Security Information page.

Last modified on: June 15, 2022 by Ed Maste