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Jon Peddie Research provides in-depth research in the field of computer graphics. Our publication and studies provide industry information including technology trends, market data, comparative studies, forecasts, and opinions.


Our TechWatch subscription provides a daily news flow combined with analysis and comparative data


JPR’s reports are targeted, in-depth market studies written by experienced analysts


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The latest


Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty in full DLSS 3.5 splendor

It can now fully show off its amazing world.

Small form factor RTX 4060 from Lenovo

Reducing size and cost makes sense.

Arm after the IPO

It’s been two days, but there’s lots to know.

Will AI demand stifle new gaming GPUs?

Chiplets won’t save gaming for node demand.

Arm Holdings’ IPO saga – Part 3

A story so epic, we split it into three parts. Part 3: The Nvidia sale that wasn’t.

Arm Holdings’ IPO saga – Part 2

A story so epic, we split it into three parts. Part 2: The China crisis.

Arm Holdings’ IPO saga – Part 1

A story so epic, we split it into three parts. Part 1: The buildup to the Arm IPO.

More mobo power, bro

Just say no to AIB power cables—No, no, no.

Augmented someday reality

Who knows when this miracle will happen—no one who is promising it.

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Advisors to C-suite executives, product, engineering, and marketing management in semiconductor, software, systems, and financial industries


With decades of historical data and background, our reports are recognized as definitive sources in the industry.


Our team has provided consulting services to start-ups and multinational conglomerates, all with the same attention to the needs of the organization and the expectations of the market.


The latest statistics, trends, and reports that matter. Exclusive features and analysis essential to decision makers.


You will find our team at major industry events around the world, often chairing or contributing to conference panels and sessions. We can also provide custom events for you, either for your internal teams or your customers. Educate and engage with custom events.

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If you are looking to inform, engage, and reach an audience, we can support you with a custom content strategy. From white papers, to webinars and seminars, to customer-facing websites, we are there to help you.

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Whether you are pioneering new market opportunities or looking to establish a foothold in an existing one, we provide depth of knowledge, reach, and a history of successfully delivering custom research and advisories.

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