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PC Gaming Hardware Market Report

JPR's  Worldwide PC Gaming Hardware Market Report Series tracks the three segments of hardware Entry-Level, Mid-Range, and High-End, these reports can be purchased separately or in total. 

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report excerpt

The PC Gaming Hardware market both flourished and suffered during the past year. It flourished financially, however not in a way most would hope. Because of supply problems, a large portion of the consumer spending did not make it back to manufacturers, with an abnormal amount going to resellers who charged inordinately high prices for PC components.

This phenomenon leads to how it suffered. Gamers with average budgets could not always get what they needed, and new entrants sometimes put off, or even worse, abandoned the platform or hobby adoption. New entrants are very important to the long-term health of any gaming platform. A stark warning to hardware companies in the PC Gaming space that long-term growth is dependent on having products available and priced within reach of mass-market consumers. Also, a warning that total dependency on imported products and Just-In-Time inventory systems can be a weakness during market anomalies like the COVID pandemic.

But help is on the way. “PC Gaming Hardware companies are reviewing their Just-in-Time strategies and beginning to adopt Just-in-Case inventory levels. As a result, we expect inventory and sales of High-End products to grow dramatically in the coming years. Additionally, Ultrawide and 4K+ displays are now available at big box stores and online for historically low prices. This helps drive CPU and GPU demand, full builds, and accessory sales to gamers," says Ted Pollak, Senior Analyst Game Tech Industry. 


The report contains the following content:

  • After-Market add-in board (AIB): Discussion and estimates of after-market graphics cards sales as upgrades and for home builds
  • System Configured PCs: Discussion and estimates of PC sales influenced by gaming from companies that either sell pre-configured or custom configured builds. Estimates are broken into notebooks and desktop segments.
  • Accessories and DIY: Discussion and estimates of accessory sales and the Do-It-Yourself (DYI) builds
  • Market size of eSports effects on hardware sales
  • Charts, graphics, tables and more. Included with this report is an Excel workbook. It contains the data we used to create the charts in this report. The workbook has the charts and supplemental information broken out by platform.