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The following is the list of categories used in the COLLADA Specification. The goal is to provide broad groupings of related elements to help show the relationship among them and make it easier for developers or users to find relevant elements.

Updated for the 1.5.0 Specification.

((EDITOR: This page needs the following improvement: Needs descriptions of all categories ))

Category Description
Core Animation
Core Camera
Core Controller
Core Data Flow
Core Data Flow (for both indexed and
Core Extensibility
Core Geometry
Core Lighting
Core Metadata
Core Scene
Core Transform
FX Effect
FX Materials
FX Parameters
FX Profile
FX Rendering
FX Shaders
FX Texturing
Physics Analytical Shape
Physics Physics Material
Physics Physics Model
Physics Physics Scene
B-Rep Curves The geometric representation of edges in the parametric space of the surface that is bounded by these edges.
B-Rep Geometry
B-Rep Surfaces
B-Rep Topology Specifies entities (vertices, edges, and so on) that limit the corresponding unbounded geometry.
B-Rep Transformation
Kinematics Articulated systems Controls the behavior of a kinematics model.
Kinematics Joints Defines joints independently of physics, allowing multiple axes and complex joints.
Kinematics Kinematics models
Kinematics Kinematics scenes Instantiated model for a concrete scene; defines the links that are used and the current configuration of the scene.