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In this wiki software, the namespace refers to several article-title prefixes that are treated specially. For example, when you search, by default it searches only in the main namespace. If you don't find a page, it lists various namespaces in which you might want to search.

The namespaces are:

Namespace Prefix Description Examples
Main (none) Most articles Wiki, COLLADA FAQ
Help Help Help with using the wiki Help:Adding an article
Template Template Standard text for adding to articles Template:Editor
Project COLLADA Refers to the name of the wiki installation itself, not to the product COLLADA (could be confusing) COLLADA:Privacy policy
User User Individual user pages for each registered user User:Elf
Image Image JPEGs, PNGs, GIFs. When included in an article, displays the image; Gwhen viewed as its own page, contains info about the image as well. Image:Category example.png
Category Category Groups of articles that contain a specific Category label Category:COLLADA terminology
MediaWiki MediaWiki For customizing wiki; only sysops or bureaucrats can edit MediaWiki:Forum-url
Talk (for each of the preceding) (varies) Discussion for articles User talk:Elf, Help talk:Adding an article
Portal Portal Reader-oriented portals (like doors or entry ports) that help readers find and browse through articles related to a specific subject. (might be supported in later versions of wiki software; it's currently treated the same as Main namespace by MediaWiki software, but is used a lot in Wikipedia.) Portal:Tutorials

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