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Re: [Public WebGL] Need to spec range checking for WebGL ANGLE_instanced_arrays?

On 2014/03/25 3:36, Vladimir Vukicevic wrote:

"Out-of-bounds reads may return values from within the buffer object or zero. Out-of-bounds writes may modify values within the buffer object or be discarded."

The "or" statements there are problematic for WebGL, are they not?
I thought a query had been added so that an app. can determine the implementation's behavior. Perhaps I am confusing this with another extension. With such a query it becomes possible to write a test.
They provide a security benefit, but for any other buffer accesses (e.g. those added in a future WebGL 2/ES3.0/ES3.1), it seems that WebGL implementations will still need to do the validation and emulation of zero-read/no-op-write at which point the value of ARB_rbab for performance reasons goes down significantly.
I don't understand this point. What other way of accessing the buffer can there be other than read and write?

For a WebGL based on ES 3.1 we will need to consider SSBOs, images and textures. We should probably push for a new robustness extension that covers those as well as buffer objects.



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