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Conformance tests

In order for an implementation to claim it supports WebGL it must pass a set of conformance tests. Many of the tests are there to hopefully find incompatibilites between implementations. This is to promote the goal that a WebGL program created in a particular browser on a particular OS will run on any browser and any OS without modification.

The biggest issue is that WebGL is based on OpenGL ES 2.0 which has significant differences from desktop OpenGL. Those differences need to be tested against.

WebGL Conformance Test Suite

The latest version of the conformance suite can be run by visiting


Various options may be passed in via the URL. See the README.md for details.

Previous versions can be found at


Source code

The currently available tests are hosted at


Their source code can be checked out with

   git clone https://github.com/KhronosGroup/WebGL.git

Submitting new tests

New submissions to the conformance test suite are welcome. Please see Using Github to Contribute for information on adding tests and submitting a pull request on Github.

Filing bugs

Please file bugs against the conformance suite using Khronos' Bugzilla against product WebGL, component Conformance Tests.

For Implementers of the WebGL API

If you or your company is implementing the WebGL API in a web browser and you desire to have your implementation certified as compliant, please visit the WebGL Implementers' Resources for information on producing a submission of the conformance suite.