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== Status ==
== Status ==
* Context name: ''experimental-webgl'''or ''webkit-3d''
* Context name: ''experimental-webgl'' or ''webkit-3d''
== Reporting Bugs ==
== Reporting Bugs ==
Use [https://bugs.webkit.org/enter_bug.cgi?assigned_to=cmarrin%40apple.com&attachurl=&blocked=&bug_file_loc=http%3A%2F%2F&bug_severity=Normal&bug_status=NEW&comment=&component=WebGL&contenttypeentry=&contenttypemethod=autodetect&contenttypeselection=text%2Fplain&data=&dependson=&description=&flag_type-1=X&flag_type-3=X&form_name=enter_bug&keywords=&maketemplate=Remember%20values%20as%20bookmarkable%20template&op_sys=Mac%20OS%20X%2010.5&priority=P2&product=WebKit&rep_platform=PC&short_desc=&version=528%2B%20%28Nightly%20build%29 WebKit bugzilla] to file a bug.

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  • Runs on Mac with Leopard or Snow Leopard
  1. Go to http://nightly.webkit.org/ and download the latest nightly build for Mac
  2. Open Terminal and type:
defaults write com.apple.Safari WebKitWebGLEnabled -bool YES

Now run the nightly build and you can view the demos!


  • Context name: experimental-webgl or webkit-3d

Reporting Bugs

Use WebKit bugzilla to file a bug.