Code of Conduct/Committee/Members

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Chair: Martin Urbanec


My name is Martin Urbanec and I work mainly on the Czech Wikipedia, where I serve as a current sysop, bureaucrat and a checkuser. From November 2016 to February 2019 I served as a Czech Wikipedia ArbCom member. In the technical community, I'm active mainly in the site requests field.

I would like to keep the technical community a friendly space to everyone, and I think the CoC committee is an important tool to handle that.

Identification: OK NDA: OK.

Amir Sarabadani (Ladsgroup)

Fawiki500k celebration by Behdad Abedi (10).jpg

I am a Wikipedian and have been active in the Wikimedia movement since 2006, mostly in Persian and English Wikipedia and Wikidata. I have been active and contributed in technical projects such as Wikidata, MediaWiki core and its extensions, i18n, RTL, operations, cloud services, pywikibot, and I am open to help in any other areas if that's going to help the Wikimedia movement (I'm trying to keep track of my volunteer work in user subpage).

I want to make sure we have a welcoming space and collaborative environment for everyone so we all can thrive as a movement and as individuals. I consider everyone's responsibility to keep it safe and welcoming.

Identification: OK. NDA: OK.

Kunal Mehta (User:Legoktm)

I'm Legoktm aka Kunal Mehta. On-wiki I'm an admin on the English Wikipedia, and formerly Wikidata. I'm also an IRC op in various technical channels including #mediawiki. More details about me and my past work are available on my user page. Currently I work for the Wikimedia Foundation on the SRE ServiceOps team.

Initially I was rather skeptical of the usefulness of a code of conduct, but I've found it pretty nice to just have a group of people I can reach out to who can intervene in a bad situation. So I'm trying to pay it back and offer my time to help as well.

Identification: TBD. NDA: TBD.


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I am MusikAnimal. I've been a long-time user of Wikimedia projects, and have been contributing almost daily since March 2013. My home project is the English Wikipedia, where I serve as an administrator, CheckUser and AbuseFilter manager. Within the technical space, my work spans from contributions to MediaWiki core and a few extensions, while also maintaining a number of tools, gadgets, and bots. I am also a software engineer with Community Tech at the Foundation. I thoroughly enjoy the collaborative spirit of Wikimedia, and I feel lucky I've been part of the movement. Working together allows us to foster innovation and learn from each other. For this reason it's imperative that we maintain a healthy technical space through our Code of Conduct. Just as with content contributions, working within our technical space can have far-reaching effects, offering a great sense of reward. This has been my experience, and I look forward to helping ensure everyone gets to experience it for themselves.

Identification: OK. NDA: OK.

Tony Thomas (01tonythomas)

Tony Thomas DP.jpg

I have been involved with the Wikimedia Movement contributing to Mediawiki software and later to outreach programs since 2013 in a volunteer capacity. I completed my Google Summer of Code internship with Wikimedia in 2014 and later advanced as a mentor and organization administrator. Apart from developing the web in Python and PHP, I have also organized and taken part in a couple of workshops and hackathons to onboard new technical volunteers to the movement. My work these days with the community involves a lot of technical volunteers, and a considerable percentage of them are new to the community - which makes me consider the CoC seriously.

Identification: OK. NDA: OK.

Auxiliary members

Ariel Glenn (User:ArielGlenn)

I'm Ariel Glenn, also known as apergos on irc or Απεργός on the projects. I started out as a volunteer in 2007 on the Greek and English language Wiktionaries, and I've been maintaining the SQL/XML dumps for the WMF for some years as a member of the SRE team and now as a contractor for Platform Engineering.

One of the most important things we can do as a community is to welcome folks, mentor them, and support them. Toxic behaviour on the part of one contributor, even someone regarded as dedicated and prolific, drives away many potential volunteers whose contributions are forever lost to the movement. One of the most important safeguards against this is a solid Code of Conduct with equally solid enforcement, and that's why I'm here.

Identification: OK NDA: OK.

Effie Mouzeli

Identification: TBD. NDA: TBD. Commitment: TBD.


Wikimedia Foundation office camera shy.jpg

I am ​Huji and I have been a Wikipedian for more than 10 years. I am mostly active on Persian Wikipedia (where I am a bureaucrat, oversighter and checkuser), and as a MediaWiki developer (where I have contributed to the core, as well as CheckUser, SecurePoll, and AbuseFilter extensions). I strongly believe in the freedom of knowledge, and trust in Wikimedia as a platform to achieve this goal. I also think that part of what makes Wikimedia projects dynamic, progressive, sustainable and unique is that the "content developers" and "technical developers" are so closely interacting. But as much as the interaction of these two communities excites me, their differences and how to navigate between them is an exciting challenge to work on as well. I try to contribute to WMF, not just by coding, producing content, or project management, but also by helping resolve these challenges, and streamlining the ways these two communities depend on each other. That is why, for instance, I served on the Ombudsmen Commission for several terms, have become a member of the Toolforge Standards Committee, and why I want to be a part of the Code of Conduct committee.

Identification: OK. NDA: OK.


Jayprakash12345 in Wikimania 2019.png

My Name is Jay Prakash and Username is Jayprakash12345. I am Wikipedian since 2 July 2015. I had joined Wiki Technical Community in early 2017. I am mostly working on MediaWiki and its extensions. Where I work for User Experience. Currently, I am holding the volunteer lead developer role in meta:Indic-TechCom, where I am the primary source of Tool creation, RFC, Reports, etc.

I am willing to serve my term for Code of Conduct Committee.

Identification: TBD. NDA: TBD.

Nuria Ruiz (Nurieta)

Ruiz, Nuria Jan 2015 02.jpg

I began working for the Wikimedia Foundation in December 2013 because I wanted to work in technology in a project that did not revolve around profit and that, I, personally, used and cared a lot about. I work in software because I enjoy the variety of work available to software engineers, there is always something interesting to learn about and work on. I believe that having a code of conduct shows that the Wikimedia technical community cares about it being welcoming to all, disagreements will happen and the CoC reinforces the idea that we should tackle those with civility.

Identification: OK. NDA: OK.