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Question about LDAP Usage on Special site / Create new user Account

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I have a question about creating new Users for my restricted Mediawiki. I setup the Wiki with LDAP Authentication. Everything works fine and the user can login with their LDAP (Active Directory) Accounts. When I now want to authorize new LDAP Users on the Special Site – Create new User Account I am not able to “browse” the LDAP Directory to search for the new users. I can put the name into the field and then the User can login, but I would be nice if I could integrate an LDAP browser. I already searched but didn’t find something that points me to the right direction. Can this behavior be archived?

OS: CentOS 8

Mediawiki Version 1.36

MySQL Server 7.4.26

Apache WebServer 2.4.37









PluggableAuth (talkcontribs)

Has nobody an idea on this or do you need more information? (talkcontribs)

Can anybody help?

Gamebird92 (talkcontribs)

Why don't you let create the users automatically based on the ActiveDirectory Groups?

Our users can enter the wiki with their standard login from windows and they get their privileges based on the active directory group they are member of.

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