This page lists the tags that the software may mark an edit with, and their meaning.

Tag nameAppearance on change listsFull description of meaningSourceActive?Tagged changes
mobile editMobile editEdit made from mobile (web or app)Defined by the softwareYes144,502 changes
mobile web editMobile web editEdit made from mobile web siteDefined by the softwareYes144,088 changes
visualeditorVisual editEdit made using the visual editorDefined by the softwareYes142,765 changes
mw-revertedRevertedEdits that were later reverted by a different editDefined by the softwareYes34,621 changes
visualeditor-wikitext2017 source editEdit made using the 2017 wikitext editorDefined by the softwareYes30,217 changes
mw-rollbackRollbackEdits that roll back previous edits using the rollback linkDefined by the softwareYes26,337 changes
mw-manual-revertManual revertEdits that manually restore the page to an exact previous stateDefined by the softwareYes17,001 changes
wikieditor(hidden)Edit made using WikiEditor (2010 wikitext editor)Defined by the softwareYes16,892 changes
visualeditor-switchedVisual edit: SwitchedUser started to edit using the visual editor, then changed to the wikitext editor.Defined by the softwareYes14,135 changes
advanced mobile editAdvanced mobile editEdit made by user with Advanced modeDefined by the softwareYes11,448 changes
Potentially problematic translationPotentially problematic translationTagged by filter 76 (hist · logs)Defined by the softwareYes10,572 changes
mw-undoUndoEdits that undo previous edits using the undo linkDefined by the softwareYes9,056 changes
mw-replaceReplacedEdits that remove more than 90% of the content of a pageDefined by the softwareYes7,380 changes
mw-new-redirectNew redirectEdits that create a new redirect or change a page to a redirectDefined by the softwareYes5,792 changes
newbie external link/emailnewbie external link/emailNo longer in useNo4,132 changes
mw-blankBlankingEdits that blank a pageDefined by the softwareYes3,240 changes
OAuth CID: 1805SWViewer [1.4]App to monitor the recent changes of a wiki's in real-time. For more details, see https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/SWViewerDefined by the softwareYes2,580 changes
newbie external linknewbie external linkNo longer in useNo2,533 changes
massmessage-deliveryMassMessage deliveryMessage delivery using Extension:MassMessageDefined by the softwareYes2,283 changes
discussiontools-added-comment(hidden)A talk page comment was added in this editDefined by the softwareYes2,118 changes
OAuth CID: 1352SWViewer [1.3]App to monitor the recent changes of a wiki's in real-time. For more details, see https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/SWViewerDefined by the softwareNo1,828 changes
mw-changed-redirect-targetRedirect target changedEdits that change the target of a redirectDefined by the softwareYes1,644 changes
repeating charactersRepeating charactersThis edit contains a highly repetitive character sequence, like "!!!!!!!" or "hahahahahahaha".
Tagged by filter 79 (hist · logs)
Defined by the software
Applied manually by users and bots
Yes1,351 changes
discussiontools(hidden)Edit made using DiscussionToolsDefined by the softwareYes1,339 changes
discussiontools-replyReplyUser replied to a comment with DiscussionToolsDefined by the softwareYes1,022 changes
Added PHP closing tagAdded PHP closing tagDefined by the softwareYes831 changes
discussiontools-sourceSourceDiscussionTools was in source modeDefined by the softwareYes799 changes
possible vandalismpossible vandalismThis edit contains blanks a portion of a page in bad faith
Tagged by filter 66 (hist · logs)
Applied manually by users and botsYes734 changes
possible out of scopepossible out of scopeDefined by the softwareYes638 changes
EmojiEmojiDefined by the softwareYes582 changes
discussiontools-source-enhanced(hidden)DiscussionTools was in enhanced source mode with the toolbarDefined by the softwareYes569 changes
New user editing project pageNew user editing project pageTagged by filter 72 (hist · logs)Defined by the softwareYes553 changes
discussiontools-visualVisualDiscussionTools was in visual modeDefined by the softwareYes540 changes
mw-removed-redirectRemoved redirectEdits that change an existing redirect to a non-redirectDefined by the softwareYes489 changes
New user blanking pageNew user blanking pageDefined by the softwareYes371 changes
wikiloveWikiLoveEdit made using the WikiLove toolDefined by the softwareYes345 changes
discussiontools-newtopicNew topicUser added a new topic to the page with DiscussionToolsDefined by the softwareYes317 changes
disambiguator-link-addedDisambiguation linksEdits that add links to disambiguation pagesDefined by the softwareYes312 changes
fileimporter-remoteModified by FileImporterEdits made by the FileImporter extension after successfully importing a file from this wiki.Defined by the softwareYes277 changes
emojiEmojiUsed by global abuse filter 110.Defined by the softwareYes249 changes
Anonymous updated project statusAnonymous updated project statusNo longer in useNo233 changes
possible link spam 2possible link spam 2Defined by the softwareNo220 changes
blankingblankingDefined by the softwareYes214 changes
deletion template removeddeletion template removedDefined by the softwareYes192 changes
Short translationShort translationTagged by filter 76 (hist · logs)No longer in useNo177 changes
meta spam idmeta spam idDefined by the softwareYes126 changes
visualeditor-needcheckVisual edit: CheckEdit made using the visual editor where the system detected the wikitext possibly having unintended changes.Defined by the softwareYes88 changes
OAuth CID: 1261SWViewer [1.2]App to view recent changes on small wikis for SWMT. Diffs, whitelist, quick reverts, etc. See w:ru:User:Iluvatar/SWViewer.Defined by the softwareNo85 changes
mw-contentmodelchangecontent model changeEdits that change the content model of a pageDefined by the softwareYes73 changes
abusefilter-condition-limitcondition limit reachedEdits or other events that couldn't be checked by all active abuse filters (help).Defined by the softwareYes47 changes
Rapid revertsNew user conducting large scale revertsTagged by filter 77 (hist · logs)Defined by the softwareYes45 changes
OAuth CID: 1188SWViewer [1.0]SPA (but auth process in php) for viewing queue of edits on small wikis for SWMT. Diffs, whitelist, reverts. Will be hosted on Labs. Desktop version [[ru:user:Iluvatar/SWViewer]].Defined by the softwareNo41 changes
newbie translation documentation editnewbie translation documentation editNo longer in useNo23 changes
OAuth CID: 429PAWS [1.2]PAWS (Pywikibot: A Web Shell) allows users to run Pywikibot (and other python code) online via a Jupyterhub instance, at https://tools.wmflabs.org/paws. OAuth integration allows people to edit / run automated processes without having to expose their passwords. This will make the consumer_secret and consumer_id public, until https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T120469 is fixed. I have talked to Chris Steipp about this and it is ok for the short term.Defined by the softwareNo19 changes
newbie external link or emailnewbie external link or emailNo longer in useNo15 changes
ntsamr (global)ntsamr (global)No longer in useNo7 changes
OAuth CID: 1841PAWS [2.1]PAWS (PAWS: A Web Shell) allows users to run Pywikibot (and other Python / R / bash code) online without needing an ssh login. The OAuth integration allows them to do so without having to expose their passwords.Defined by the softwareYes7 changes
OAuth CID: 21Barnsworth [1.0]A tool for a sending barnstars.Defined by the softwareYes6 changes
OAuth CID: 31test-app [0.0.1]This is a test app, build with https://github.com/valhallasw/flask-mwoauthDefined by the softwareNo5 changes
Possible LTAPossible LTANo longer in useNo3 changes
OAuth CID: 2071Read/write testing client [1.0]Creating a non-owner-only client with read/write permissions to test examples for the API PortalDefined by the softwareYes3 changes
mobile app editMobile app editEdits made from mobile appsDefined by the softwareYes2 changes
ios app editiOS app editEdits made from mobile app for iOSDefined by the softwareYes2 changes
possible link spampossible link spamNo longer in useNo1 change
mw-server-side-uploadServer-side uploadMedia files that were uploaded via a maintenance scriptDefined by the softwareYes0 changes
centralnoticeCentral NoticeEdit created via the CentralNotice Admin UIDefined by the softwareYes0 changes
centralnotice translationCentral Notice TranslationEdit of CentralNotice content created via the Translate extensionDefined by the softwareYes0 changes
android app editAndroid app editEdits made from mobile app for AndroidDefined by the softwareYes0 changes
Blocked user editing own talk pageBlocked user editing own talk pageTagged by filter 73 (hist · logs)Defined by the softwareYes0 changes
disneynewdisneynewDefined by the softwareYes0 changes
T144167T144167Defined by the softwareYes0 changes
OTRS permission added by non-OTRS memberOTRS permission added by non-OTRS memberDefined by the softwareYes0 changes
repeated xwiki CoI abuserepeated xwiki CoI abuseDefined by the softwareYes0 changes
discussiontools-editEdited commentUser edited an existing comment with DiscussionToolsDefined by the softwareYes0 changes