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Posted by
Release Engineering/IDM/Infrastructure
1 month ago

Rocky Linux 8.6 Released

Hello everyone. I am pleased to announce the general availability of Rocky Linux 8.6. This release is for the x86_64 and aarch64 architectures and is derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.6.

Please read through the release notes at: - These notes contain important information about the release, details about some of the content inside the release (such as newer modules or updates throughout the distribution) and highlights.

General Repository Changes

While it may not be very well known, we were providing the openldap-servers package as part of our Plus repository alongside thunderbird and open-vm-tools for aarch64. openldap-servers is now part of the PowerTools repository. In the event this changes again, we will of course let you know in our announcements.

multiple bind versions

The standard bind version is the 9.11 series. In 8.6, bind9.16 is now available as a choice for those who want to use a newer bind series.

perl module streams rebuilt

With the exception of the default base perl module (5.26), all other perl module streams have been completely rebuilt. Thanks to our testing team, its members, and others in the community, we were able to identify and stamp out the problematic behavior that has unfortunately existed in our previous releases.

Known Issues

As reported in our 8.5 release, we had to override the builds for the dotnet packages to fake "rhel" as the RID. This is still the case until we are upstreamed. You can help us in this effort in ~Development in our Mattermost.


Updates released since upstream are posted across our current architectures. We strongly recommend that all users apply all updates, including the content released today on your existing Rocky Linux machines. This can be done by running dnf update.

All Rocky Linux components are built from the sources hosted at In addition, SRPMs are being published alongside the repositories in a corresponding "source" directory. You can find these on any of our mirrors. These source packages match every binary RPM we release.

Note that this release supersedes all previously released content for Rocky Linux 8. You are encouraged to update your system. Older content, such as those obsoleted from the previous release will not be available. While we keep older content around for historical purposes (within our vault), it is recommended that you use the latest updates available to you.

Please allow mirrors to sync the content. While most of our mirrors have synced majority of the content, not all has been synced and you may not get your updates right away.


Note: KDE images are not available. There was an issue with sddm that we were unable to resolve. If you would like to help us resolve this, please join us at our mattermost or open a PR on our github here:

Additional Images

Generic Cloud Images:



Container Images

Container images for Rocky Linux 8.6 are available on as well as in both the Official Library and in the rockylinux organization. In addition to the standard image available for 8.4 and 8.5, we are pleased to be able to offer a Minimal image built with only the necessary tools to use a Rocky Linux container and customize to your needs. The containers are about 30MB compressed, and just under 100MB when extracted. In addition, the Minimal image ships microdnf as a drop in replacement for the dnf package manager.

Additional images for Vagrant as well as Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure will be published in the coming days.

Special Thanks

We are grateful to the many Rocky Linux project volunteers and leaders for producing, testing, and documenting this release.

The Release Engineering and Testing teams bear the brunt of the workload for new releases, and in particular for the release of Rocky Linux 8.6:

  • Al Bowles

  • Louis Abel

  • Lukas Magauer

  • Mustafa Gezen

  • Neil Hanlon

  • Sherif Nagy

  • Skip Grube

  • Steven Spencer

  • Taylor Goodwill

  • Trevor Cooper

We are thankful for the development work in Fedora Linux, the curation efforts in CentOS Stream, and the countless developers and their projects from which these distributions are built

Getting Help / Engaging with the Community

The Rocky Linux ecosystem is sustained by community-driven help, guidance, and love of RPM distributions, Enterprise Linux and its ecosystem. The best place to start for new users is at

You can communicate with us and other community members on various mediums:

Mattermost: Reddit: Forums: Mail list: Libera IRC: #rockylinux

Bug Tracker:

Thank you, and enjoy the release!

Louis Abel Release Engineering

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level 1

Thanks ! :-) Is there somewhere we can get the source of the scripts (Packer maybe ?) that are used to create the cloud images ?

level 1

Did something change with the /tmp/ directory in either 8.5 or now in 8.6? I'm using docker images, but it seems in older versions, 8.4 and/or 8.5, /tmp/ was writeable by all, but now it seems to have permissions 755...

Does anyone know why this was changed?

level 1
· 1 mo. ago
Executive Director

I just wanted to say thank you to the Rocky Linux Release Engineering Team who got 8.6 out so perfectly. Very well done team!

Also, please stay tuned for Rocky Linux v9 (and more), which is coming very soon now!

So much great stuff!

level 1

Thanks! :)

level 1

Getting a 404 for the download links

level 2
Op · 1 mo. ago
Release Engineering/IDM/Infrastructure

Are you getting 404's on the torrent links? If so, it may be a spelling error we have. Let me know which ones are failing and we'll get them fixed!

level 1

Excellent, well done everyone.

level 1

congrats for the release!

level 1

How to enable/upgrade php8? I only can see php7.2 on my VERSION="8.6 (Green Obsidian)" ??


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