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Samba install/setup for Rocky Linux

I'm looking for a thorough guide to install and setup/configure Samba share on Rocky Linux that would be accessed by Windows clients, with Rocky Linux having SELinux enabled.
I've found some guides some assume public shares. However I want to setup a secure share.

I've got to a stage where I'm able to access the Samba share with a specific user from Windows.
But even though I've given the rw permissions it will not allow rw to the share.
Also secondary issue is Samba complaining about not been able to write some log files. I manually created the files with the right rw permissions still returns the error upon status check.

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As the red-hot guide suggests, your best bet is to install the setroubleshoot package then run sealert -a on your selinux log files. That should give you a rundown on the most likely thing(s) blocking your service.

You can also run getsebool -a which will produce a list of all the boolean varies enabled or disabled for selinux. Samba has a variety of things listed here which you may want to tweak to get this working, depending on where the shares are and what you're trying to do with them. If this is the case though, that should be picked up by the sealert output.

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Op · 1 mo. ago

ok great, these are excellent tips and I now can see where I need to look, thank you so much.

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It is probably selinux that is blocking it. When I disable it on my machine the samba drive works perfectly.

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Here is how you find SELinux messages and logging:

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· 1 mo. ago

Rocky Linus is the same as almalinux and centos


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