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SilverTake My Energy

Sorry for venting but this pisses me off. Also English is not my first language, so bear with me.

To set up the scenario: I am 40+, working 20+ years in IT and do something IT management and network engineering related nowadays. Started off somewhere around the Y2k problem with floppy disks in my hand ;)

Yesterday a somewhat recently retired neighbour of mine approached me via WhatsApp if I could come upstairs in the evening to help with "an IT problem related to hard disks". This was the first time in the last 12 years we live here.

I texted back that I am sorry but I do not do any IT support outside my family, because the small issues could easily escalate in terms of time and knowledge invested and that this was abused in the past. Got no answer.

Today I met him outside the house and was getting blasted with how angry he is and how I lack a sense of community and how "all IT people" tell him the same (ah?) and that we all need help (what?). And that his question would be something about his TV and that is HDD is now empty/blank.

To top it off, he yelled at me in front of my kids while we were on our way to get a Christmas tree.


Am I supposed to get 'ready for work' on a Friday evening after an exhausting week to peek into something which is both outside my expertise (datacentre != TV) nor interest?

Why is it that non-IT people seem to take it as totally granted that you fix any consumer product because "you work in IT".

I am totally sick of it. Am I the asshole or do I have one as neighbour?

Any advise, pat on the back or other form of moral support is appreciated :]

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It's 3:30 AM, do you know what your Teams health is?

02:15 "Hey Dal90, Teams is down!"

02:30 "Um, it's down at Microsoft per"

Kind of curious why they call it Teams (Consumer) but I presume it includes our Teams since it is down and we're down.

Oh what is this email from our Network & Firewall guys about one of our ISPs (Spectrum) accidentally turned off our circuit but it's back up? Not related to this since Teams is pinned to Verizon currently but let me do some stuff to verify everything is OK. It is.

03:00 Time to go back to bed...oh, Teams status has turned green. Light me double check. Ru-roh, we're still down. curl -vk is getting resets. Works from home to the same IP address.

Fire up tcpdump on our outbound ISP load balancers (link controllers)...yep, we're receiving RST packets from Microsoft -- i.e. they're actively rejecting us for some reason sigh

Should I mention we have zero, zilch, no access to our tenant and need to engage $corporateOverlords whose native language is not English for any information regarding anything hosted by Microsoft?

Reconfigure the load balancer to send Teams traffic out our generic outbound Verizon IP instead of the one that is dedicated to Teams...we're back up.

Email boss to tell him $corporateOverlords will need to look up the logs or contact Microsoft for an explanation.

03:30 Ok, let's see if I can unwind and catch some sleep...

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IT Manager out of training
5 days ago

Hello dear people working in IT.

I'm trying not to rant or cry or moan about my job and what else, but I have a problem a lot of you can relate to.

I'm 20 years old and just finished school. Very happy that I got to be a Sysadmin officially and love my job.

Three months ago, I started working at a small company - we have around 30 people in our main building and another 15 in our logistics (majority is part-time & don't have access to computers or mail).

At my first job interview with the company, I talked to H&R and the external IT advisor. They told me that the old Sysadmin left the job months ago and have been without support for some time.

They called him (let's call him L) if there was no way they could've fixed the problems on their own (setting up new devices to the domain, adding users to Navision...) and he obviously charged a nice hourly rate for all the troubles they had.

Now - they had some expectations but were fine by me that I was fresh out of training. Had my 2.5 years of school + work (apprenticeship / internship) under my belt including independent work experience for that time.

In the second interview I talked to the CEO and H&R and I landed it. Sweet! I thought, first job interview and they took me.

Now I get why L left and it's really stressing me out. He left in the middle of a migration from our on-prem servers to a cloud solution at a service provider.

In the first week, I had L instruct me what was where and some general info. It was for one evening (3pm - 10pm on a Friday) and that was it.

In the second week I got a call - I had an IT audit coming up and of course no information about it. Also I've never done an IT audit and we got it rescheduled to the beginning of October.

Somehow I got the IT audit done without any problems (have to submit some other documents, but that's not an issue) but the migration is really a problem now.

I'm the only person in IT, have a server list at the provider and am supposed to migrate all programs on our application server to theirs, get the fileserver done, migrate Navision and the databases & obviously care about my co-workers here.

I was instructed to not take more than 5 minutes at a problem any of my co-worker has (as to the CEO) and focus on the projects.

Included in the contract is Microsoft 365 Business Premium and since we use Azure AD now too, I have to get familiar with it.

It's not that I'm not able to get anything done because I don't know how, but it's taking so much time out of my day to research anything..

I had a meeting yesterday about the planning and things I still have to do with out service provider and meanwhile our head of purchase had no internet connection. He uses an old ASUS laptop and connects to LAN with a USB-to-RJ45 adapter.

Took a bit longer obviously as I had to troubleshoot (cable? adapter? no it was the USB driver), so that was me wasting 20 minutes again.

Honestly, there is so much I could write about and I didn't even mean to write this wall of text, but I don't know how I am supposed to get this all done up to a deadline when I am alone.

I am stressed and have a lot of pressure on me, which I can handle so far, but idk what to do.

Talking to the CEO or his assistant doesn't do shit as well.

Tired tbh, maybe some of you can guide me into the right light.


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