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Found the internet!
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I love her little mouth

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I've heard that you need a special pH meter tip for viscous substances compared to liquids. Did your lotion perhaps become creamier between measurements? I know my hair conditioner does that, it's pretty liquid when I first make it and it's still warm.

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We're due for a labor riot.

This time the Pinkertons are gonna be drones, and the riots won't be restricted geographically.

Its gonna be wild!

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We have little time left before ubiquitous surveillance makes organizing any resistance impossible.

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Chip some off and get blasted with Cinnadust!

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Delete 👏 your 👏 fucking 👏 account

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Move to Mastodon!

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Y'all might like this intro! It's made by fellow anarchists :3

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Nice Thx!

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My other cat will put a toy in his mouth and walk around with it, wailing like he’s dying, when he wants to play. Cats are so funny.

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Was it ever a momma cat? I noticed my momma cat started doing this after she had kittens and we gave them away. She was expressing sadness I think and the stuffed toys were her stand-in kittens.

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I'm just waiting for the day I see a bike with a hot tub.

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