Unfolded Studio
Geospatial data never looked so good
Transform your geospatial data into insightful maps within minutes. Use our extensive layer catalog and advanced timeline animation capabilities.
Dive Deep
Slice and dice your data using our intuitive geospatial analytic capabilities. Quickly arrive at insights through fluid in-browser exploration with immediate visual feedback.
Publish & Share
Publish your maps to your team with the click of a button. Make your own stories and share impactful data narratives with the world.
Explore with Unfolded Studio
An intuitive user experience that makes complex geospatial data science easy.
Data Formats

Combine Shapefiles, Vector Tiles and Cloud-Optimized GeoTIFFs with traditional data formats like CSV and GeoJSON.

Geo Analytics

Analyze your data by joining tables and grouping rows. Cross-filter data and correlate columns using custom metrics.


Animate planetary scale datasets. Publish globe-based maps to engage your customers with fresh new perspectives.

Frequently asked questions
An intuitive user experience makes complex geospatial and data science concepts easy to work with.
How does Unfolded Studio differ from other geospatial tools?
Unfolded Studio is focused on big data analytics, spatio-temporal unification and high-performance in-browser data visualization. Unfolded Studio supports analysis and unification across a variety of geospatial data formats, from tables and vector tiles to satellite imagery.
How does Unfolded Studio differ from kepler.gl?
Unfolded Studio is a comprehensive SaaS tool that extends kepler.gl with many new features such as secure cloud storage, an advanced analytics backend, a data catalog, geospatial unification, developer SDKs and much more. By contrast, kepler.gl is a serverless web application mainly designed for quick geospatial data exploration. kepler.gl is part of the "Open Core" of Unfolded Studio and Unfolded is the leading contributor to kepler.gl.
Will Unfolded Studio offer individual paid plans for those whose needs exceed the Community Tier?
Yes. In the mean-time, if your needs are great and you are not ready to become an Enterprise customer, we may be able to help you and adjust your quotas if you contact us at [email protected]