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This Svelte Template is a preconfigured Svelte app that combines the engine and many of the popular plugins.

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Need to create a web app that supports 3D content quickly? This ready-made template application is built using the popular new Svelte framework. It represents best practices in building web apps using Zea Engine. Many of the concepts shown in the Svelte app can also be applied to other frameworks such as React or Angular. It also comes with a library of Svelte components that you can use to customize the application to your own requirements. Get up and running quickly using this template app and add your own secret sauce where necessary. 

This customizable template is fully-responsive and comes with a library of Svelte components that you can tweak to your hearts content.

The Svelte template combines all of the common libraries into a single well structured app. It shows how to setup UX, Collab, authentication, CAD rendering, selection, etc.



Just head over to the Readme on GitHub, all the developer information is there.



  • Client-side: public through NPM
Integrated tools and libraries
Apps and end-users
  • Unlimited
Developer support
User interface and a library of components check-solid
User experience, undo/redo, gizmos, selection. check-solid
User identification and authentication check-solid
Collaboration and user chips. check-solid
Installing your own plugins check-solid
Embedding into host apps check-solid

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