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Load and render large LiDAR point clouds directly in the browser with the Zea Potree plugin.

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Zea Potree LiDAR Bandeen Theater Zea Potree LiDAR Overpass Zea Potree LiDAR Construction Site


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Render Point Clouds in the Browser

Render point clouds with billions of points directly in the Zea Engine.

Zea Potree is a plugin for Zea Engine that integrates the powerful Potree. Zea Potree enables loading and rendering of massive LiDAR and point cloud data directly in the browser. The integration of Potree into Zea Engine provides a few important improvements, including better performance and the ability to use with other tools in the Zea ecosystem. When combined with the other powerful features of Zea Engine, like CAD and BIM data loading, Zea Potree can be used for advanced use cases such as metrology and building inspections.

Zea + Potree

The Full Story

Zea PoTree is WebGL point cloud renderer based on Potree

More Options

Combine Zea Potree with other plugins for advanced use cases, for example, render CAD models inside a point cloud environment.

Good to Know

The Potree library is a free and open-source project published by Markus Schütz. We've created and maintain a loader to render points clouds that Potree processes in the Zea Engine. Zea supports the Zea Engine and this plugin.



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Check out our Robot Animation Showcase, where we demonstrate how to animate a CAD robot inside a point cloud building.


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Zea Potree License Open-Source
PoTree License View License
Dependencies Zea Engine
Apps and end-users Unlimited
Developer support Community
Point cloud size Handles point clouds in the billions
Supported file types .las, .laz
Run on your PC check-solid
Deploy to a server check-solid
Convert Point Clouds to Potree Format check-solid
Walk-Mode check-solid
Floor Collision check-solid
Look-at-that check-solid
Data Exchange  
PoTree Converter - Convert your point cloud to the Potree format.

Available through PoTree's GitHub page

Topics: Point Clouds

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